Poker88QQ Draw

There are so many types of Poker Poker88QQ and perhaps, Badugi is the most unfamiliar for players even for professionals in this game but this is unique.

What is Poker Poker88QQ Badugi

Have you heard about Badugi? Perhaps, some gambling players will not realize what it is but if you know Poker Poker88QQ so much, then you will understand about Badugi. This is one of the variations of draw game but it is for sure different from 5-card draw. If most card games choose the winner by the highest hands, Badugi will decide the winner based on the lowest hands and they need to deal with 4 cards.

Know The Poker poker88qq bandarq Badugi Which is Unique

Yes, it sounds strange but this is the fact. If other Poker Poker88QQ games will search for the highest rank to win, Badugi will choose the lowest hands player hold to get the victory. In Badugi, there are 3 betting rounds usually and the players just need to avoid the similar card with same suit. They also need to avoid hitting the pair as well. If they have same cards and also same suit cards, they have to sacrifice one of two cards and deal with 3 cards only. You will not change it and close one card.

The best hand in Badugi is of course A-2-3-4 as the lowest rank of all cards in one deck. However, you have to remember that those cards must be different in suit. Otherwise, your card will be discarded if you have similar cards and it is hard to win if you hold 3 cards only.

Badugi is so fun and this Poker Poker88QQ game gives different experience from Holdem and other styles but it is hard to find in casino and perhaps, you can find it online.