Please check the updated map.The Bike course is an open 17.3mile loop and begins at the exit of the Thurston County Fair grounds (exit west of the Bike Barn). Athletes will walk their bikes out of the barn to the mount line. Note: Athletes will not be allowed to mount their bike until their helmet strap is fastened.Route (distances are rough approximations):
Turn right out of fairgrounds onto Carpenter Rd.

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Turn right onto Pacific Ave
Turn right onto Union Mills and follow until terminates on Marvin Rd.
Turn left onto Marvin Rd (police will manage intersection during race)
Enter right hand lane of traffic circle and turn right onto Pacific/510 Hwy. Note: right hand lane of traffic circle will be closed to traffic and coned off during race.

Stay on Hwy 510 from approx. mile 5-9.7 (on maps this road is also called Old St. Clair Cut off Rd).
Proceed straight through Reservation Rd traffic circle.
At second traffic circle, turn right onto Yelm Hwy. Note: right hand lane of both traffic circles will be coned off during race.

Turn right onto Meridian Rd.
Turn left onto Mullen Rd (approx. 1 mile). Police will manage this turn during the race. Follow for approx. 2 miles

Turn right onto Carpenter Rd. (Note: slow down for this turn as it can be wet with gravel)
Proceed to Boat Launch Rd (just over a mile). Note: Athletes MUST slow down before turning right onto Boat Launch Rd. Failure to do so may result in Disqualification.
Dismount bike at line and walk bike to east entrance of Bike Barn to re-rack bike.